Swim Lessons / Clinics



At Parkpoint Healdsburg, we offer private swim lessons year-round. Our instructors give personalized lessons based on your child’s needs. Swimming properly is an important skill to acquire and will benefit your child for the rest of their life. Our swim instructors have worked with all ages and backgrounds. Our staff of qualified instructors offers fun-filled expert lessons for kids 3 months and up. Due to Covid restrictions, if your child needs to be held while in the water, it may be a requirement that the parent or guardian is in the pool with the child while the instructor gives the lesson from the pool deck edge. Group lessons are not offered at this time. For more details, contact Lauren Ahlgren at [email protected].


We also offer adult private swim lessons year-round. Our instructors offer personalized lessons based on your needs. Whether you’re training for your first triathlon, need to work on your technique, or never learned to swim, our aquatics staff will be sure to guide you towards your goal. For more details, contact Lauren Ahlgren at [email protected].



Looking to improve your technique? Want to go from the dog paddle to the butterfly? Our Swim Clinics are designed for you. Sign-ups are required with a small fee for each clinic. Look for flyers in the club and information in the Parkpoint newsletter with the dates and times.


Contact Lauren at (707) 385-2500 or [email protected] for help connecting with an instructor.

Lauren Ahlgren

Lauren Ahlgren

  • Parkpoint Aquatics Director
  • Swim instructor since 2003
  • Works with children & adults


Kristan Arreguin

Kristan Arreguin

  • Swim instructor since 2015
  • Personal trainer since 2013
  • Masters swimmer & triathlete
  • Works with children & adults


Dan GreavesDan Greaves

  • Over 30 years swim & coaching experience
  • Master’s Swim Coach
  • Head Coach for Neptunes Swim Team
  • Available to work with adults


Heidi SearsHeidi Sears

  • Swim instructor since 2013
  • Working with children since 2008
  • Competitive swimmer 11 years
  • Works with children & adults