woman helping another woman with positioning on reformer
Marie Pampanin


Marie Pampanin, Pilates Director

German-born Joseph Pilates has been described in literature as being a frail child, who overcame his limitations to become a gymnast, diver, and skier. Later in life he became a self-defense instructor and boxer, as well as a performer in the circus. During World War I, he taught physical fitness, and later developed a method to rehab patients on what we now know as the Pilates Cadillac. As an orderly working with patients that could not walk, he devised a way to help support and work the limbs of the injured patients by modifying the beds, and attaching springs, thus designing his famous Cadillac. After the war, he and his wife migrated to the United States. In 1926, Joseph and his wife Clara began teaching his method of body conditioning and rehabilitation work in New York.

Nearly 100 years later, Pilates remains one the best ways to train and re-train the mechanics of the body through breath (focus), concentration (mind/body connection), precise moves (muscle focus), and flow (bringing the mechanical moves of the body back into alignment). Olympic athletes, dancers, and people diagnosed with osteoporosis, joint issues, or body mechanic issues have all benefited from Pilates. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to improve your overall physical fitness, flexibility, and core strength, Pilates is proven to be one the best ways to find your way to physical health and well-being.

Our amazing Pilates personal training staff are now offering various Reformer series through the Team Fit program. If you are completely new to Pilates, try our Intro to the Reformer. If you have some experience, we have Reformer Level 1 and 1.5. If you have osteoporosis or spinal issues, try our Pilates for Osteoarthritis series.