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WEEK OF 9/20

The schedule below may NOT reflect last minute subs and class cancellations. To view the latest class information and to register for a class, visit the PARKPOINT APP or MEMBER PORTAL. Class schedule subject to change. See class descriptions below.

6–6:45am Muscle Define Adrianne Outside Basketball Court
9–9:45am Cycle Blast AM Marie Outside Back Parking Lot
9–9:50am Nia Michele Online
10:15–11am Mat Pilates Flow Michele Indoors Group Ex & Online
11–11:45am AquaFIT AM Gerry Pool
12–12:45pm TNT ReGeneration $ Sabrina Pilates Studio
12–12:45pm Lunch Box Yoga Dawn SUB JUDITH Online
8–8:45am Body & Soul Flow Marie Online
9–9:45am Power HIIT Adrianne Outside Back Parking Lot
11–11:45am Fit Over Fifty Sabrina Indoors Group Ex Studio
11–11:45am Qigong Lori Outside Back Parking Lot & Online
12–12:45pm TNT High Noon HIIT $ Angela Functional Training Studio
12–12:45pm Gentle Fitness Sabrina Online
4:30–5:15pm Zumba Richard Outside Basketball Court
5:30–6:15pm Yamuna Body Rolling Jacque Online
5:30–6:15pm HIIT H2O Nicole Pool
5:30–6:15pm Cycle Blast PM Layne Outside Back Parking Lot
6:30–7:15pm TNT Pound® & Xtreme Abs $ Ruth Outside Basketball Court
6–6:45am Muscle Define Adrianne Outside Basketball Court
9–9:45am Cycle Blast AM Wendy Outside Back Parking Lot
9–9:45am Zumba Tina Outside Basketball Court & Online
9–9:45am Fitness Fusion Marie Online
11–11:45am AquaFIT AM Kelli Pool
12–12:45pm TNT ReGeneration $ Sabrina Pilates Studio
5:30–6:15pm TNT MyZone BodyWorks $ Alex SUB KRISTA Functional Training Studio
6–7pm Flow Yoga Cherie Indoors Group Ex & Online
6:15–7pm Cardio Kickbox Xtreme Montse Outside Basketball Court
6:30–7:15am TNT Power 45 $ Adrianne Outside Basketball Court
8–8:45am Body & Soul Flow (no class 9/23) Marie Online
9–9:30am Ab Kicker Layne Online
9–9:45am Power HIIT Adrianne Outside Back Parking Lot
11–11:45am Fit Over Fifty Sabrina Indoors Group Ex Studio
11–11:45am Qigong Lori Outside Back Parking Lot & Online
12–12:45pm Gentle Fitness Sabrina Online
4:30–5:15pm Zumba (starts 9/23) Andrea Outside Basketball Court
5:30–6:15pm HIIT H2O Kelli Pool
5:30–6:15pm Cycle Blast PM Layne Outside Back Parking Lot
5:30–6:15pm TNT Wonder Woman Workout $ Angela Functional Training Studio
6:30–7:15pm TNT Pilates Jump Board & Barre $ Rae Pilates Studio
6–6:45am Mat Pilates Ava Online
9–9:45am Zumba Tina Outside Basketball Court & Online
11–11:45am AquaFIT AM Kelli Pool
8–8:45am Yamuna Body Rolling Jacque Online
8–8:45am Cycle Blast AM Robin Outside Back Parking Lot
9–9:30am Fit Express Layne/Alex Outside Back Parking Lot
9:15–10am Nia Nica Outside Basketball Court
10–10:45am AquaFIT AM Kim Pool
8:15–9am Sunday Morning Flow Marie Online
9–9:45am LaBlast Dance Fitness Kim Outside Basketball Court & Online
9:15–10am Fitness Fusion Marie Outside Back Parking Lot & Online


$ add’l fee (check app or front desk for details)


  • Ab Kicker. Quick core workout. Get in, get out, get abs!
  • AquaFIT. Splish-Splash! A fun-filled class in the pool for cardio and strength conditioning. All levels welcome.
  • Body & Soul Flow. Start your morning with a mindful flow, connecting heart, mind, spirit with this grounding practice.
  • Cardio Kickbox Xtreme. Be challenged and motivated as you improve your fitness level in this cardio kickboxing total body workout! Great for any level of fitness.
  • Cycle Blast. Jump on one of our bikes and start pedaling! This classes provides an intense cardio workout while still catering to participants of all fitness levels. Our certified instructor will lead you through a challenging workout to maximize your caloric burn. The best part is that you control your own resistance and speed, allowing you to continuously progress forward from your current fitness level. Sign up at the front desk or on app is highly recommended to ensure your spot in class.
  • Fit Over Fifty. Non-dance cardiovascular workout, strength training, balance work and stretching. No tricky steps to follow, just effective exercises that will make it fun to get in shape and stay in shape.
  • Fitness Fusion. Mix of HIIT (cardio high-intensity interval training) combined with strength training to give you a full body workout! All levels welcome!
  • Flow Yoga. This vinyasa class will provide a safe and supportive environment where each participant flows into postures, discovering their edge for expansion at their own pace. Through demonstration, students will practice, focusing inward using the breath to find their potential.
  • Gentle Fitness. A variety of gentle exercises to improve muscular strength, range of movement, & activities of daily living. Perfect for beginners & those recovering from injury.
  • HIIT H2O. Water fitness is an ideal way to get your heart rate up while being easy on your joints. The buoyancy of water lessens the pull of gravity, making you feel lighter and more balanced, while also reducing the impact on your knees. This also makes the same moves that would be difficult to do on land feel easier in the pool. This particular water workout will help you burn calories and build strength at the same time by combining high intensity cardio moves with plyometric exercises.
  • LaBlast Dance Fitness. Come cha cha, hustle, jive and tango your way to a happier, fitter you. LaBlast dance fitness class is a partner-free cardio workout based on all of your favorite dances seen on “Dancing with the Stars.” Created by three-time World Ballroom Champion Louis Van Amstel, LaBlast blends dance and fitness into an energizing workout experience for both the mind and body. No prior experience needed. LaBlast is a “blast” for dance lovers of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Lunch Box Yoga. A gentle mindful yoga class.
  • Mat Pilates. Core stabilization is the key in this popular discipline designed to integrate breath, strength, awareness, and flexibility for long lean muscles. Our professional certified Pilates staff will provide attentive instruction as they guide you through this mat class.
  • Mat Pilates Flow. Ready to move?! This “flow style” Pilates class will keep you moving, increasing your strength, flexibility, and stamina. Learn new ways to create safe and efficient movement choices for your body. Some Pilates experience is suggested.
  • Muscle Define. Weights, body bars, resistance tubing, gliders, and BOSUs are used to increase strength and muscle tone in this dynamic, challenging, and ever changing workout.
  • Nia. This empowering cardiovascular mind-body workout blends movements from modern dance, martial arts, jazz, ballet and yoga. Taught by certified Nia instructors to “soul-stirring” music, this creative sensory-based movement practice is a joyful fitness journey.
  • Power HIIT. The struggle to find time for yourself is real. We get it. That’s why we offer 45-minute, high-intensity, total body group training sessions to help you achieve your goals efficiently. Each group training will be a mix of full body strength & cardio exercises that will leave your muscles guessing, yet inspired to come back for more. Our exceptional training team will help guide you through dynamic interval workouts & accelerate your fitness to the next level. Plus, MyZone heart rate monitors can be incorporated for real time results and tracking! Contact the front desk or a trainer for more details.
  • Qigong. Qigong (pronounced CHEE-GOONG) is a gentle yet powerful ancient Chinese self-healing practice that includes meditative movement, breathing, mental focus, and healing imagery. Practicing Qigong can increase vitality, strengthen your resistance to cancer and illness, enhance the immune system, energize the lymphatic system, strengthen digestion, relieve stress and pain, prevent injury, strengthen balance to prevent falls, improve cardiovascular and respiratory function, and leave you feeling blissful. Wear comfortable clothing and practice in shoes, socks, or bare feet.
  • Sunday Morning Flow. Connecting movement to breath as we link our poses mindfully creating space to connect mind & body.
  • TNT High Noon HIIT. This class offers a quick, but challenging, ever-evolving, and very rewarding full body workout. All levels welcome.
  • TNT MyZone Bodyworks. Using the power of the MyZone monitor, become a part of the team. Classes will consist of cardio and aerobic strength exercise for all fitness and skill levels.
  • TNT Pilates Jump Board & Barre. Increase stamina with low impact cardio on the Reformer and strengthen the body on the Barre. This class is a perfect fit for those looking to get the absolute most out of a 45 minute class! All levels welcome!
  • TNT Pound & Xtreme Abs. POUND is an exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio conditioning, and strength training using Ripstix, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising. POUND transforms drumming into an incredibly effective and fun way of working out. POUND work out will run 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes of Xtreme Abs.
  • TNT Power 45. Power 45 is a fast-paced full body workout using a variety of exercise equipment to mix things up and keep the muscles working. Modifications are given throughout every class so all levels are welcome.
  • TNT ReGeneration. This reformer class is to help guide and show how to align, breathing, control and accelerate muscle healing. To help regenerate and rebuild the body with better alignment and workout function.
  • TNT Wonder Woman. High-Intensity Interval Training using a variety of dynamic and functional moves and equipment to target almost every aspect of fitness: strength, endurance, balance, agility and cardiovascular conditioning. All levels welcome.
  • Yamuna Body Rolling. A comprehensive whole body workout and self-massage!
  • Zumba. A high-energy workout that fuses Latin and International music with fun, easy-to-follow dance steps. Zumba utilizes the principles of interval training and resistance training to provide a great fat burning, cardio workout with sculpting benefits. Bring out the dancer in you and get a dynamite workout too! All levels welcome! Shoes required. No running shoes please.