We are happy to be able to offer our EXERCISE 2 WELLNESS • CANCER RECOVERY program to both members and non-members who are in need of additional care and support while going through cancer treatment. The staff and trainers that lead the program are passionate about the value, sense of community, and support that it provides to participants.

Our Cancer Recovery Program began in the summer of 2008 when we were contacted by the offices of California Cancer Care in Marin County. They had a client that lived in Sonoma with transportation issues and asked if we could work with this individual through her course of treatment. We happily took on this new endeavor and thus, our Cancer Recovery Program was born. Since 2008, we have had 55 participants in the program with 12 individuals currently in treatment.

Our program is simple: Any person that has been diagnosed with cancer, regardless of the stage, is eligible to participate as long as they are in active treatment. We also work with individuals that may be facing surgery due to their type of cancer. We work with the clients pre- and post-surgery to be better prepared and to help speed the healing process. Program participants work individually with our training staff, meeting twice a week. The program of exercise is dependent on the needs of the individual. This is a no fee based program and open to the public.

For more information, please contact Ed Mount at [email protected].