hand holding paintbrush and palette with dabs of colored oil paints

The artists exhibiting at Parkpoint Health Clubs are members of the club or our very own staff. The Buchanan family (Club owners) are delighted to showcase the art of their members and staff, and feel blessed to have their clubs enjoy such beautiful work. They are grateful to have so many talented artists in all three clubs. It has been a pleasure to share their appreciation of art with all the members and Parkpoint community.

If you have interest in showing (and selling) your artwork or photography, please contact Jan Blalock. Displays change quarterly. Please send a link to your website or photos of your work to [email protected].

Stop by to see the current exhibit on from Parkpoint member and artist:


Cynthia Brenton“I have always enjoyed nature and being outdoors. I love using things I find outdoors to do my art, like driftwood, kelp, and dead fish or starfish that I’m lucky enough to find on our local beaches. During my working career I worked in Personal Management and Law Enforcement. I was the first female Police Officer to work for the St. Helena Police Department. I saved a lot of kids and women from abuse. I’m retired now, and really enjoying my involvement in art. Thank you for the opportunity to share my art with other Parkpoint members. Life is wonderful, and I hope you enjoy my art. Please contact me if you want to purchase any of my art.”

Cynthia Brenton
[email protected]