• WE LIKE TO SHARE. Limit use of cardio equipment to 30 minutes.
  • KEEP IT CLEAN. Wipe down equipment after each use.
  • KEEP IT CLASSY. Close-toed shoes & shirts must be worn at all times. Swimsuits not allowed.
  • BE A LIGHTWEIGHT. Use care when placing weights down to prevent damage to the floor.
  • KEEP IT COURTEOUS. Cell phone conversations not allowed on fitness floor.
  • TRUST YOUR COMMON SENSE. If you don’t know how to do something, ask a trainer.
  • CHECK YOUR AGE. Children 10 years & younger not allowed. Ages 11–15 must be teen certified. Review our CLUB GUIDELINES FOR JUNIORS AND TEENS.


  • CLASSES ARE A GROUP ACTIVITY. We request that you follow the instructor’s routine.
  • BE ON TIME. If you must be late, tiptoe in if space is available.
  • WAIT FOR IT. Please do not enter the classroom before the current class is finished.
  • LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. Please do not move someone else’s equipment or crowd a member who has arrived in class before you.
  • NEWBIE? Beginners should arrive early & check in with the instructor.
  • GOT OWIES? Inform instructor of injuries or pregnancy.
  • LOCK IT UP. For safety & security, please keep your belongings in a locker.
  • CELL PHONES. Please adhere to the provisions of the Mobile Electronic Device policy.
  • SAY NO TO THE STEREO. Members may not use the stereo equipment.
  • COMMON SCENTS. Please remember personal hygiene & refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, & essential oils.
  • PUT AWAY YOUR TOYS. We request that all equipment be returned to proper storage area.
  • BE A LIGHTWEIGHT. Use care when placing weights down to prevent damage to the floor.


If a bug has got you, remember that it’s a good time to:

  • Skip the workout, rest your body, drink lots of water
  • Cuddle up with a furry friend or a good book

Thank you for not spreading those pesky germs at the club or in the steam room. We’ll see you when you’re feeling better!


  • RINSE BEFORE USING. Shower off before using the pool, hot tub, steam room, & sauna.
  • SAVE THE SHAVE FOR THE SINK OR SHOWER. Shaving & showering (with soap) is not allowed in the steam room, sauna, or spa.
  • NO SCRUBS. Scrubbing/Sloughing of skin not allowed in steam room, sauna, or spa.
  • PUT A TOWEL ON IT. Please place a towel on the bench when enjoying the steam room & sauna.
  • NAIL IT. Please refrain from clipping or cutting nails.
  • FIRE HAZARD. Do not leave clothing in the sauna to dry.
  • JUST YOUR BIRTHDAY SUIT. Shoes, workout clothes, & other outdoor clothes are not allowed in the spa, sauna, or steam room. Swimsuits are acceptable.
  • LOCK IT UP. For safety & security, please keep your belongings in a locker.
  • LOG OFF. Cell phone use is not allowed in the wet areas or locker rooms. (Cell phones should be used in the lobby and pool/patio areas only.)
  • IT MAKES SCENTS. Some of our members are highly allergic or asthmatic. For the health & well-being of your fellow members, please be sensitive when applying perfume & scented body lotions & oils.


  • Select a lane compatible with your swimming speed.
  • If two people share a lane, you may split the lane or circle swim.
  • To enter an occupied lane, always alert the other swimmer & receive an okay.
  • Enter the water feet first. Diving is not allowed.
  • Butterfly & breast strokes are not recommended when sharing a lane. Please graciously adapt your stroke to accommodate others.
  • Three or more swimmers per lane should circle swim. The customary traffic pattern is to stay to the right. That is, to swim in a counter-clockwise circle. (Treat the lane like a highway by swimming on the right-hand side of the lane according to your direction of motion.)
  • Always swim complete laps of the pool. Avoid stopping in the middle of the lane, as this can interfere with the progress of other swimmers & cause collisions.
  • Stop only at the wall & once stopped, stay in the corner of the lane.
  • Slower swimmers must yield to faster swimmers.
  • Be aware of your space in the lane & orientation of others. Allow others to pass you (at the wall) as needed.
  • Do not tailgate. Provide adequate distance between you & the swimmer ahead of you.