“Love it here. Best in Sonoma County for sure. Friendly staff, huge pool, good quality weights and all types of equipment, free classes, nice members.” —Abe L.

“Friendly health club with great trainers, a great selection of classes, a lot of machines plus racquetball courts, outdoor pool, spa, sauna, and much more. Comfortable lounge with free coffee and tea plus a cafe with beer and wine available. All ages of clients and a welcoming atmosphere make this my home away from home. Much nicer than the previous gym I belonged to.” —Helen K.

“I second the notion. Clean, friendly, great classes, free coffee, hot sauna, Jacuzzi, pool, café, and lounge. Come on! This is a glamour club in the middle of wine country, only all the locals go there to mingle. The power yoga classes are great and the equipment is top notch. I love PP!” —Stephanie C.

“I am now on the road to improvement by losing weight, improving my flexibility, and increasing my strength and endurance. My blood pressure, weight, and diabetes are under control. I know I need to keep up the work, but now I have the tools to work with, thanks to Parkpoint trainers and programs. Parkpoint programs, such as Compass, have given me strength and encouragement and most of all—the motivation to keep me on the right track. I look forward to playing with my grandchildren this summer. Sincerely and with a big THANK YOU.” —J.W.