hand holding paintbrush and palette with dabs of colored oil paints

The artists exhibiting at Parkpoint Health Clubs are members of the club or our very own staff. The Buchanan family (Club owners) are delighted to showcase the art of their members and staff, and feel blessed to have their clubs enjoy such beautiful work. They are grateful to have so many talented artists in all three clubs. It has been a pleasure to share their appreciation of art with all the members and Parkpoint community.

Stop by to see the current exhibit on display from Parkpoint member and artist:


I am an enthusiastic amateur artist currently working with acrylic paint on canvas. In addition to painting, I knit and crochet, and enjoy needlepoint, papercrafts, and coloring. While I’ve taken fun classes here and there, I have no formal training—just a love of creating.

During the pandemic I struggled to find creative inspiration, but was compelled to start painting again after the death of a family member. When cleaning her house, my family remarked upon all the sewing supplies she’d gathered but never had the chance to use. It was a punch in the gut. I’d been focusing on what I couldn’t do in the seemingly endless pandemic with its myriad (and necessary) restrictions and forgotten that I still had a lot of freedom, particularly to pursue my passions. It was like coming up for air after a deep dive.

I made myself start painting again with no intention other than pleasure and respite. After a few weeks, I found I most enjoyed blending bright and pretty colors, then adding lines to create separation. This inspired the name of this collection—Spaces and Boundaries. It has been a tumultuous few years, with fires, disease, political turbulence, violence, and health rights under attack. It’s a constant balancing act to find space and set boundaries.

When I’m not painting, I’m working as a budget manager, enjoying movies and TV with my husband Ken and our cats, listening to cult podcasts, working out at Parkpoint (particularly having fun at Nia and Zumba), and Skyping with my niece and nephew in South Korea.