Donna Burch

We are proud to offer private Aqua Therapy Personal Training sessions with Donna Burch, MA. Whether you are rehabilitating from an injury, dealing with arthritis, or preparing for surgery or recovering from it, water exercise could be the key. Donna will tailor your personalized Aqua Therapy session to meet your needs: pre- and post-operative rehabilitation, arthritis, back issues, knee injuries, shoulder and neck problems, and more. Through Aqua Therapy, you can reduce pain, increase muscle strength and flexibility, and improve your functional ability. These wonderful results can be accomplished safely with water therapy.

To schedule your PT sessions, contact Donna directly at (707) 235-1539 or [email protected].

Donna Burch has been an Aquatics and Fitness professional for 30 years, teaching all levels of swimming and water exercise. She is passionate about water exercise and her enthusiasm is matched by her expertise! She has a Bachelors degree in Physical Education and did her Masters thesis research at Sonoma State on the Effects of Pre-Operative Water Exercise for Total Knee Replacement Patients. She created the Water Fitness programs at the Finley Aquatic Center here in Santa Rosa that includes Aquatic Therapy, has taught classes and trained aquatic fitness instructors there for 18 years and has taught aquatics and yoga at the SRJC for 13 years.